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Returned checks have always been a problem for most businesses. There is nothing more frustrating than watching your hard earned money be lost to bad check debt. 

Check Connection provides the latest in check verification and recovery technology for your business. Whether your check problem is big or small, we have the solution to greatly reduce or even eliminate your check losses.


Offering check collection from virtually every bank in the United States, Check Connection will quickly collect your returned checks and remit the money to your business. 

You will be completely informed of the check collection status on every check in our system, every step of the way. 

We offer free on-line reporting where you may run your own reports, view the actual image of every returned check and monitor the collection status of each. These reports are updated daily and are available for your viewing 24/7 through a secure, password protected website. 

The Check Connection Advantage:

We collect bad checks electronically and through traditional methods for free for our merchants. This is because the fee is paid for by the bad check writer. 

Look what Check Connection offers to your company:
bulletReceive 100% face value of every collected check
bulletRebate from each collected service charge
bulletFree check verifications from one of the nation's largest returned check databases
bulletCommitment to treat your customers professionally and courteously
bulletAbility to view checks on-line and run reports
bulletFast collection and return of your money
bulletNo set-up fees

Contact us at sales@checkconnection.biz for more information

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